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David Gordon

David Gordon may refer to:


  • David Gordon (economist) (1944–1996), American economist
  • David Gordon (philosopher) (born 1948), Ludwig von Mises Institute senior fellow


  • David Gordon (software entrepreneur) (1943–1996), American computer game publisher
  • David Gordon (television executive) (born 1942/3), British businessman


  • David Gordon (choreographer) (born 1936), postmodern dancer, choreographer, and theatrical director
  • David Gordon (tenor) (born 1947), American concert and opera tenor


  • Sir David Gordon (Australian politician) (1865–1946), South Australian journalist, MHR and MLC
  • David Gordon, 4th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (1908–1974), British peer and soldier
  • David Gordon (Ontario politician), member of the Natural Law Party and yogic flyer
  • David Alexander Gordon (1858–1919), Canadian politician
  • David F. Gordon, Head of Research at Eurasia Group, former Director of Policy Planning at the US Department of State
  • David William Gordon (1832–1893), Canadian politician


  • David Gordon, former Boston College kicker who kicked the winning field goal against #1 Notre Dame in 1993 (see Holy War)
  • Davy Gordon (1882–1963), Scottish football player and manager


  • David Gordon (novelist) (born 1967), American mystery writer
  • a pseudonym of Randall Garrett


  • David "Gordo" Gordon, fictional character from the TV series Lizzie McGuire, played by Adam Lamberg

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