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Greg Egan

Greg Egan (born 20 August 1961) is an Australian science fiction writer and amateur mathematician.


Egan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Western Australia.

He published his first work in 1983. He specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness. Other themes include genetics, simulated reality, posthumanism, mind uploading, sexuality, artificial intelligence, and the superiority of rational naturalism to religion. He often deals with complex technical material, like new physics and epistemology. He is a Hugo Award winner (with eight other works shortlisted for the Hugos) and has also won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. His early stories feature strong elements of supernatural horror.

Egan's short stories have been published in a variety of genre magazines, including regular appearances in Interzone and Asimov's Science Fiction.

Personal life

As of 2015, Egan lives in Perth. He has actively opposed asylum seekers' mandatory detention in Australia. Egan is a vegetarian.

Egan does not attend science fiction conventions, does not sign books, and has stated that he appears in no photographs on the web, though both SF fan sites and Google Search have at times mistakenly represented photos of other people with the same name as those of the writer.


  • Permutation City: John W. Campbell Memorial Award (1995)
  • Oceanic: Hugo Award, Locus Award, Asimov's Readers Award (1999)
  • Distress: Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis as Best Foreign Fiction (2000)

Egan is a multiple Seiun Award winner.

Teranesia was named the winner of the 2000 Ditmar Award for best novel, but Egan declined the award.



  • An Unusual Angle (1983), ISBN 0-909106-12-6
  • Quarantine (1992), ISBN 0-7126-9870-1
  • Permutation City (1994), ISBN 1-85798-174-X
  • Distress (1995), ISBN 1-85798-286-X
  • Diaspora (1997), ISBN 1-85798-438-2
  • Teranesia (1999), ISBN 0-575-06854-X
  • Schild's Ladder (2002), ISBN 0-575-07068-4
  • Incandescence (2008), ISBN 1-59780-128-3
  • Zendegi (2010), ISBN 978-1-59780-174-4
  • Dichronauts (2017), ISBN 1-59780-892-X
Orthogonal trilogy
  • The Clockwork Rocket (2011), ISBN 978-1-59780-227-7
  • The Eternal Flame (2012), ISBN 978-1-59780-293-2
  • The Arrows of Time (2013), ISBN 978-0-575-10576-8


Axiomatic (1995), ISBN 1-85798-281-9

Our Lady of Chernobyl (1995), ISBN 0-646-23230-4

Luminous (1998), ISBN 1-85798-551-6

Dark Integers and Other Stories (2008), ISBN 978-1-59606-155-2

Crystal Nights and Other Stories (2009), ISBN 978-1-59606-240-5

Oceanic (2009), ISBN 978-0-575-08652-4

Other short fiction

Academic papers

  • An Efficient Algorithm for the Riemannian 10j Symbols by Dan Christensen and Greg Egan
  • Asymptotics of 10j Symbols by John Baez, Dan Christensen and Greg Egan
  • Conic-Helical Orbits of Planets around Binary Stars do not Exist by Greg Egan

Short movies

The production of a short film inspired by the story "Axiomatic" commenced in 2015, and the film was released online in October 2017.



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