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Luminous (story collection)

Luminous is a collection of short science fiction stories by Greg Egan.


Luminous contains the following short stories:

  • "Chaff" — An agent is sent to kill a geneticist who is working in a drug lord-controlled stronghold in the jungles of Colombia, and working on important brain-altering research.
  • "Mitochondrial Eve" — An organisation is trying to trace a common maternal ancestor for recent humanity.
  • "Luminous" — A pair of researchers find a defect in mathematics, where an assertion (X) leads to a contradictory assertion (not X) after a long but finite series of steps. Using a powerful virtual computer made of light beams (Luminous), they are able to map and shape the boundary between the near-side and far-side mathematics, leading to a showdown with real consequences in the physical universe.
  • "Mister Volition"
  • "Cocoon"
  • "Transition Dreams"
  • "Silver Fire"
  • "Reasons to Be Cheerful" — A boy discovers he has a serious brain tumour, which was causing him to be amazingly happy. With it removed, he becomes despondent, and undergoes a new and extensive treatment eventually, with a form of brain network, to try to get back to a more useful life many years later.
  • "Our Lady of Chernobyl" — A man is hired to find a radioactive religious icon. The search turns deadly.
  • "The Planck Dive"

The title story has since seen a sequel entitled "Dark Integers". The sequel was published in the October/November 2007 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction.

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