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Emma may refer to:


  • Emma (given name)



  • Emma (novel), an 1815 novel by Jane Austen
  • Emma (series), a series of children's books by Sally Warner about a third grade girl
  • Emma Brown, a fragment of a novel by Charlotte Brontë, completed by Clare Boylan in 2003
  • Emma (Kenyon novel), a 1955 novel by F. W. Kenyon
  • Emma: A Modern Retelling, a 2015 novel by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Emma (manga), a 2002 manga by Kaoru Mori and the adapted Japanese animated series
  • EMMA (magazine), a German feminist journal, published by Alice Schwarzer


  • Emma (1932 film), a 1932 film directed by Clarence Brown
  • Emma (1996 theatrical film), a cinema film from 1996, based on Austen's novel, with Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma
  • Emma (1996 TV film), a British TV film from 1996, based on Austen's novel, with Kate Beckinsale as Emma


  • Emma (1972 TV serial), British TV serial from 1972, based on Austen's novel, with Doran Godwin as Emma
  • Emma (anime), a Japanese television series subtitled "A Victorian Romance", broadcast in various Asian nations in 2005 and 2007
  • Emma (2009 TV serial), British TV serial from 2009, based on Austen's novel, with Romola Garai as Emma


  • E.M.M.A., a Swedish girl group (2001–2005)


  • "Emma", a song by Australian rock group Little River Band from their 1975 debut self titled album
  • "Emma", a song by Alkaline Trio from their 2003 album Good Mourning
  • "Emma", a song by Jonathan Edwards off his self-titled album
  • "Emma" (song), a 1974 song by Hot Chocolate


  • Emma (Welsh singer) (born 1974), a Welsh singer
  • Emma Marrone (born 1984), an Italian singer often billed as "Emma"

Other uses

  • Emma, a keytar instrument used by Lady Gaga on the Monster Ball Tour
  • Emma-gaala, a Finnish music award
  • Emma Frost, a Marvel comic book character
  • Emma (play), a 1976 play by Howard Zinn about Emma Goldman


  • Emma, Indiana, a community in the United States
  • Emma, Illinois
  • Emma, Kentucky
  • Emma, Louisiana
  • Emma, Missouri, a town in the United States
  • Emma, West Virginia


  • Yama (Buddhism and Chinese mythology), Buddhist god of death, also known as Enma
  • Saint Emma (disambiguation), name of several saints


  • Emma (wrestler) (born 1989), a ring name of the Australian wrestler Tenille Dashwood


  • Emma of Austrasia, daughter of Theudebert II and possibly wife of Eadbald of Kent
  • Emma of Normandy (c. 985–1052), twice Queen consort of the Kingdom of England by marriage
  • Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1858–1934), Queen consort of William III of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg
  • Queen Emma of Hawaii (1836–1885), queen to King Kamehameha IV from 1856 to his death in 1863


  • Emma (ship), one of several ships of that name
  • Emma Mærsk, first in the Maersk E-class 11,000-TEU container ships
  • HMS Queen Emma, a troopship of the Royal Navy during the Second World War
  • USS Emma, several United States Navy ships


  • Emma (storm), a European windstorm in March 2008
  • Tropical Storm Emma (disambiguation), several tropical cyclones in the northwest Pacific Ocean, southwest Indian Ocean and southwest Pacific Ocean

Other uses

  • 283 Emma, a main belt asteroid in the Solar System
  • EMMA (code coverage tool), a Java code coverage tool
  • Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy, an organization that raises awareness of discrimination
  • EMMA (accelerator), the "Electron Machine with Many Applications"
  • EMMA, an abbreviation for the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Finland
  • Emma, a nickname for the Soviet Degtyaryov machine gun of 1928
  • Emmanuel College, Cambridge, affectionately called Emma, is a constituent college of Cambridge University
  • Experiment with MultiMuon Array (EMMA)
  • Electronic Municipal Market Access system (EMMA), an on-line source for municipal securities information

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