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The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X (容疑者Xの献身, Yōgisha Ekkusu no Kenshin) is a 2005 novel by Keigo Higashino, the third in his Detective Galileo series and is his most acclaimed work thus far. The novel won him numerous awards, including the 134th Naoki Prize, which is a highly regarded award in Japan. The novel also won the 6th Honkaku Mystery Award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the mystery novels category in Japan. 2006 Honkaku Mystery Best 10 and Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2006, annual mystery fiction guide books published in Japan, ranked the novel as the number one.

The English translation was nominated for the 2012 Edgar Award for Best Novel and the 2012 Barry Award for Best First Novel.


The story begins with Tetsuya Ishigami and Yasuko Hanaoka following their daily routines. Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced single mother who works at a bento shop. Ishigami is a highly talented mathematics teacher, who lives next door to Yasuko and her daughter Misato. When Togashi (Yasuko's abusive ex-husband) shows up one day to extort money from Yasuko, threatening both her and Misato, the situation quickly escalates into violence, and Togashi is killed by mother and daughter. Overhearing the commotion, Ishigami, who is secretly enamored of Yasuko but has never told her so, offers his help, disposing of the body and plotting the cover-up of the murder step-by-step.

When the body turns up and is identified, Kusanagi (the detective investigating the murder case) draws the case and Yasuko comes under suspicion. Kusanagi is unable to find any obvious holes in Yasuko's manufactured alibi, but still he is sure that there's something wrong with her story, a suspicion that he cannot shake. Kusanagi brings in Dr. Manabu Yukawa, a physicist and his college friend who frequently consults with the police. Yukawa also went to college with Ishigami, where he learned of Ishigami's problem-solving techniques and abilities; Yukawa highly rates Ishigami's intelligence. After meeting him again after so many years, Yukawa becomes convinced that Ishigami had something to do with the murder. What ensues is a high-level battle of wits between Yukawa and Ishigami, as Ishigami tries to protect Yasuko by outmaneuvering and outthinking Yukawa; the teacher is Yukawa's most clever and determined opponent yet.

When Yukawa finally understands Ishigami's plans, he is awestruck by the devotion shown by Ishigami to Yasuko. Ishigami is not the person everyone sees, but only Yukawa could understand his plan to cover up the murder committed by Yasuko.


  • Tetsuya Ishigami
Solitary Maths teacher who has fallen in love with Yasuko
  • Yasuko Hanaoka
A single mother who murdered her ex-husband
  • Misato Hanaoka
Yasuko's daughter from a previous marriage
  • Manabu Yukawa
Tetsuya Ishigami's old college friend, both are as intelligent as the other.
  • Shunpei Kusanagi
Detective in charge of dealing with the case of Togashi's murder
  • Shinji Togashi
Yasuko's ex-husband who stalked her and is later killed by her and her daughter, the victim of the crime under investigation

Awards and nominations

Japanese Awards
  • 2006 - Honkaku Mystery Award for Best Fiction
  • 2006 - Naoki Prize
  • 2006 - The Best Japanese Crime Fiction of the Year (Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2006)
  • 2006 - The Best Japanese Crime Fiction of the Year (2006 Honkaku Mystery Best 10)
  • 2012 - Ranked as the No. 13 novel on the Top 100 Japanese Mystery Novels of All Time
U.S. Awards
  • 2012 - Nominee for Edgar Award for Best Novel
  • 2012 - Nominee for Barry Award for Best First Novel
  • 2012 - Chosen by the American Library Association as Best Mystery Novel for their 2012 reading list


  • It was made into a 2008 Japanese film Suspect X, starring Shinichi Tsutsumi as Tetsuya Ishigami and Masaharu Fukuyama as Manabu Yukawa, directed by Hiroshi Nishitani.
  • The 2012 South Korean film adaptation Perfect Number (Hangul: 용의자X; lit. "Suspect X") starred Ryoo Seung-bum, Lee Yo-won and Cho Jin-woong, and was directed by Bang Eun-jin.
  • The English language film adaptation rights were acquired by Kross Pictures in 2011, and is being developed in Los Angeles, California under the working title The Devotion of Suspect X.
  • A Chinese film adaptation, The Devotion of Suspect X, finished filming in 2016. The film is directed by Alec Su, and featured Ruby Lin and Wang Kai.

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