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Shirley Conran

Shirley Conran (born 21 September 1932) is a British novelist and journalist.


Conran has written for Vanity Fair, women's editor of The Daily Mail and The Observer. Published in 1982, her book Lace spent 13 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, reaching as high as No. 6, and was adapted into a 1980s US miniseries.

Her book, Lace, was published by Simon & Schuster and is reported to be the original source for the marketing tag line, "Which one of you bitches is my mother?"

Personal life

Conran has been married to Sir Terence Conran; they are the parents of the fashion designer Jasper Conran. In 2009, she wrote that she suffered from ME. Conran has homes in France and London, and lived in Monaco for several years. She founded the educational non-profit Maths Action.



  • Lace (Simon & Schuster, 1982)
  • Lace 2 (1985)
  • The Complete Story (omnibus, 1986)
  • Savages (1987, movie rights owned by Warner Brothers but never made)
  • Crimson (1992)
  • Tiger Eyes (1994)
  • The Revenge (aka Revenge of Mimi Quinn, 1998)
  • The Amazing Umbrella Shop (1990)


  • Superwoman (1975), see Superwoman (sociology)
  • Superwoman 2 (1977)
  • Futurewoman: How to Survive Life After Thirty (1979)
  • Superwoman in Action (1979)
  • The Magic Garden (1983)
  • Down with Superwoman: For Everyone Who Hates Housework (1990)
  • Money Stuff (2014)


  • The Magic Garden was adapted as a computer program and published by Acornsoft for the BBC Micro as Shirley Conran's Magic Garden.


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